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Client Rights  

You have a right … 

·  To treatment, including access to medical care and habilitation, regardless of age or degree of MH/IDD/SA disability.
·  To considerate and respectful care which includes freedom form any physical, sexual, fiduciary (financial), or psychological abuse including humiliating, threatening, and exploiting actions;
·  To understand what your problem is, what treatment is recommended and why, who will give the treatment, and what outcome to expect;
·  To be involved in a process of informed choice, informed refusal, and/or expression of choice related to preference of your treatment services, choice of service provider and participation in research projects;
·  To expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential;
·  To have continuity of care when you are referred for services outside this agency; to examine and receive an explanation of your bill;
·  To participate in all aspects of your treatment, including development of your treatment plan; to have access to self-help and advocacy support services. 

Your responsibilities are … 

·  To be honest in your presentation of your problems and to tell those working with you how you feel about what is happening to you;
·  To be actively involved in the development of your treatment plan that will outline your problems, needs, goals, and expected outcomes;
·  To be considerate of others and their privacy;
·  To present to your counselor any questions, complaints or concerns about your counseling plans or goals so that you may reach an agreement on any problem hindering your progress.    

If you feel that any of your rights have been denied, you are encouraged to discuss this with your therapist. If you feel that this is not resolve the problem, you may contact: North Carolina Board for Licensed Professional Counselors PO Box 1369 Garner, NC 27529

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